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Recruiting education agents to represent your institution can be hard- this website is designed as a resource for over 40 000 education agents around the world who are looking to partner with universities, colleges and schools- If you are keen to reach out to education agents we can add a profile to help your institution reach out to education agents worldwide.


We have helped all levels and types of education including universities, colleges and schools as well as career colleges, english schools build a network of agents to recruit international students globally.


We have extensive contacts through our sister website Education Agents Guide so we can ensure you have a successful agent recruitment campaign.


We do all the work


Our design team can put together a profile for your approval for just US $299 per year- the package includes the following.


  • Targeted advertising to over 25 000 education agents in 181 different countries

  • Our design team can put together a profile for your approval from your existing website.

  • Profiles are published within 48 hours of booking

  • Your profile may be updated at any time

  • Newsletter insertion- the Agent Partnership newsletter is sent out to over 25 000 education agents on a monthly basis.  (View Current Issue)

  • Your profile will be promoted for a full year on the Agent Partnerships carousel (See sliding carousel above)

  • Your logo and except will be featured on home page

  • Links to your profile will be placed on all relevant pages

  • Dedicated application form on your profile for agents to contact your institution

  • Customer support throughout your campaign

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Book your profile at the discounted price of just US$299 for a full year and our design team will publish a profile for your approval within 48 hours for just US $299 per year (your profile may be updated any any time)

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