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Australian Vocational Learning Centre

Australian Vocational Learning Centre (AVLC) was established in 2009. CEO and owner of AVLC, Neil Chapple, identified a niche in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) marketplace for a quality college that teaches recognised and current skills and knowledge while applying ethical business principles.

Specialised Workshops and Online Webinars by Industry Experts

Learn from those that do what you want to know to do

AVLC provides opportunities to learn from industry experts through a variety of specialised workshops and webinars addressing real business issues with appropriate solutions through fresh ideas and opportunities relevant to today's evolving world of business.

On top of our regular online classes and webinars there will be specialised workshops and talks delivered for the benefit of our students and community. These will go into their real life experiences in developing various business projects and will go into detail with what has worked and what had been troublesome along the way.

Additional Learning Opportunities to Support Employability

We invest in opportunities that provide the ‘self-actualised' learner an edge in achieving employment.

Learn additional skills based on your interests with access to specialised courses that will directly benefit your online resume and employability skills. These will complement your chosen field of study as students who are seen to be proactive through constant learning will have an advantage in achieving employment. This is made possible through obtaining skills and knowledge gained from self-directed study while also showing an attitude for being proactive in your learning and professional development.

Practical Skills Initiatives

We simulate real life scenarios to enhance training reliability.

Throughout all of our courses, we utilise simulated business environments that imitate real life experiences in order to explain content in a manner that students can relate to. Each course has a unique set of practical skills required for success. Trainers use customised resources along with their own individualised approach that enable students to gain the abilities needed in their current and future career advancement.

Flexible Payment Options

Options to suit your situation.

Pay your fees in full or quarterly depending on your circumstances. We understand that everyone has different financial needs and that is why we can be flexible.




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