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CEC provides partnerships to Build, Develop, and Accredit Canadian K-12 schools overseas. Working with our partners, we help set-up and operate successful Canadian curriculum K-12 schools that allow students to enroll in a Canadian school while living in their home country.


Achieving the best results to achieve the educational institutionís vision and objectives through international cooperation and distinguished and active partnerships with international universities and organizations distinguished globally.


  • Building unique partnerships that serve the goals of educational institutions
  • Building and strengthening international cooperation with regional and international organizations and institutions
  • Strengthening and managing strategic partnerships and activating memorandums of understanding with specialists in accordance with the vision and mission of educational institutions
  • To provide an encouraging environment for regional and international cooperation, and to ensure effective communication that enables agreements for joint cooperation


The Canadian Education Council primarily builds connections and partnerships for Educational Institutions between Canada and many countries, overseas.

The Canadian Education Council was formed to administer a collective body to represent and provide information, consulting, and to foster, develop, and promote quality education programs between educational institutions, non-profit organization, and corporations between Canada and overseas countries.

CEC provides information and partnerships to offshore schools to Build, Develop, and Accredit Canadian K-12 schools overseas and create partnerships with Canadian universities and Colleges. Working with our partners, we help set-up and operate successful Canadian curriculum K-12 schools, Colleges and Universities that allow students to enroll in Canadian educational institutions while living in the comfort of their home country.

Our first CEC Centres serves as information and raining centres promote Canadian education. We offer testing and training services to help prepare overseas students to build their skills in English and French Languages and to prepare for their academic future in Canada, North America, and Commonwealth countries. Each center is led by a Canadian Director of Education to ensure the delivery of the CEC Programs.

Canadian Education system is internationally recognized as one of the best learning systems in the English-speaking world. CEC helps schools to be approved as a Canadian Curriculum School. This is achieved through receiving Canadian Accreditation/Certification to operate as a Canadian Education Council Accredited Canadian School. All requirements and materials for the Accreditation process.


Universities, Colleges and Schools

CEC is interested  in developing long-term school, college and university partnerships: we would be delighted to discuss opportunities for us to work together.

Main Office : 600-890 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6C 1J9
Tel : +1-604-3322-719
Fax : 001 604 3322 704
: +1 647 766 5647
: +1 (647) 855-6756



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