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International Education Program qathet School District Canada Seeking Education Agent Partnerships

Earn $195 CAD for each month of enrolled student

qathet School District is situated on the northern tip of the Sunshine Coast in the qathet Regional District, Canada

International Education Program

qathet School District 47 in Powell River offers an International Education Program (IEP) to students from other countries who wish to study in Canada.

Various study options give international students the opportunity to experience the Canadian educational system at varying levels of difficulty and involvement. Brooks Secondary School provides a stimulating education and social environment in which students learn English for pleasure or to gain credit towards graduation from a BC high school.

International students will be assisted in choosing programs and courses that meet their goals and according to their English language abilities, either before or upon arrival in Powell River. International students may be required to take an English Language placement assessment to guide appropriate programming and course selection.

These are the programs offered by qathet School District 47:

  • BC Graduation Program (Dogwood Diploma)
  • English Language and Canadian Cultural Experience
  • Academic Preparatory Program
  • English Language Learning Immersion Program
  • Summer English Language & Eco-Adventure Program
  • Other Secondary Programs Available


Our International Education Team

International Students living in Powell River and attending school benefit from an established support program. Once students arrive in Canada, a team of International Student Advisors is available to ease the strain of adapting to a new culture and language.

These advisors assist in settling into their new home and family, school environment and classes, and community. They provide a comprehensive orientation followed by ongoing community building and support activities. They assist with such things as course selection, academic success, behaviour expectations at home and school, post-secondary school applications, getting involved in activities, culture shock, and mental health and wellness, and personal counselling when needed.

Other supports include:

  • Supportive and dedicated teachers ready to assist international students.

  • Peer Tutoring available at lunch and help arranging outside tutoring.

  • Group of Canadian Buddies and service students.

  • School staff including assistants, administrators, teachers and counsellors who get to know the international students and take on a joint responsibility to care for our international students.

  • Extra-curricular club leaders, coaches, and staff.

  • To ensure an active and supportive social community, events such as term end parties, dinners, seasonal trips, fun-Fridays and numerous recreational activities are arranged by international program support staff throughout the school year.

qathet School District

qathet School District and its over 400 employees proudly serve approximately 3,400 students in five elementary schools, one remote island elementary school, one online learning school, an alternate school, and one secondary school. Our school district offers a number of additional programs including:

  • Four Strong Start Programs and a Strong Start Go mobile program
  •  Before & After School Programs
  • Seamless Kindergarten Program
  • Elementary Reading Intervention Program
  • Dual Credit Trades French Immersion Program
  • Digital Film Program International Student Program
  • Summer Learning Programs
  • Powell Lake Ecological and Outdoor Learning Centre Leadership Programming
  • Provincial Auditory Outreach Program

All decisions made by qathet School District are guided by its vision and core values and based on research and consultation. Similarly, the districtís initiatives and resources are aligned to support its commitment to fostering a culture of care and belonging where the well-being and success of all learners is supported; providing intentional support for a growth mindset, collaboration, interdependence, and staff development; and being a forward-thinking, research-based, ethical, effective, efficient, sustainable, and connected organization.



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Education Partnerships

Earn $195 CAD for each month of enrolled student

We would love to work with education partners- typically, we pay agents $1,950 CAD for each full-time, 10-month enrollment student they recruit for Powell River, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Brin L. Bymin

Director of International Education


qathet School District

qathet School District - 4351 Ontario Avenue Powell River
British Columbia

Canada V8A 1V3

Tel: 001 604 414 7701 







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