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Hope Education Group Seeks Agent Partnerships

Hope Education Group was established in October 2007, adhering to the school-running philosophy of "Gratitude, Sunshine, Rigorousness, and Responsibility". For more than ten years, it has always focused on the construction of higher vocational education and application-oriented universities and implemented the establishment of The fundamental mission of cultivating people with virtue is to attach great importance to the connotation construction of institutions and the quality of talent training. It has trained more than 300,000 high-quality applied professional and technical talents for the society, and batches of "hopeful students" have become one of the positions in all walks of life. Star, entrepreneurial star.

Hope Education adheres to the international development strategy and hosts INTI International University in Malaysia, Shinawatra International University in Thailand, Wickler Business School in Hungary, and cooperates with the Chinese International College of Northern University in Bangkok.

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In order to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, integration of industry and education, achieve win-win development, and better serve social and economic development. Sichuan Hope Education Industry Group Co., Ltd. is based on industrial development services, benchmarks enterprise employment standards, creates a practical platform for improving students' comprehensive abilities, enhances students' employment competitiveness, and actively develops a win-win model for school-enterprise cooperation. We sincerely invite the leaders of your company to visit the group for inspection, exchange, guidance, and discuss school-enterprise cooperation matters.

Relevant cooperation matters include but are not limited to:

1. Jointly run schools. Integrate the superior resources of both parties, implement joint education for the majors in which your company has advantages, and cultivate high-quality, high-skilled, professional, and international professional and technical talents that the industry urgently needs.

2. Explore the formation of vocational education groups. Relying on the resource advantages of both parties, we will explore the establishment of a vocational education group, jointly build a collaborative school-running mechanism, jointly cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents, and achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages, and win-win development.

3. Jointly build an industrial college. Relying on your company's industrial advantages, we will jointly build a characteristic industrial college, dedicated to cultivating characteristic professionals and serving the development of enterprises and industries.

4. Jointly build majors. Focusing on your company's professional fields, closely connect with your company's industrial chain, cooperate to set up or upgrade existing majors in our institutions, develop professional standards, develop curriculum systems, carry out professional co-construction, and jointly cultivate professional talents.

5. Build order classes together. According to the actual needs of your company, we will coordinate with our affiliated colleges and universities to open order classes and recruit outstanding students to train and deliver talents for your company.

6. Jointly build a training base. In order to improve students' practical operation capabilities, based on friendly consultations between both parties, we can jointly build an open, shared, and intelligent training base to cultivate skilled talents that meet the needs of your company.

7. Provide employment services. According to the wishes of both parties, we will establish a long-term cooperative partnership and take your company's talent needs as the starting point. Our group of colleges and universities will provide your company with continuous and stable talent resources and realize the sharing of human resources between both parties.

We sincerely invite all enterprises to cooperate with our group to jointly promote the development of education.

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We are keen to hear from Agents interested in forming partnerships to promote our institutions:



Telephone: +86 13037707753(whatsapp)

Front desk phone: 028-69694278
Investment and Development Department: 028-61311555
Postal code: 610091
Address: No. 2000, West District Avenue, High-tech Zone, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province





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