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Study French Cuisine in France Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy

Study French Cuisine in France

Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy

Our campus receives students from all over the world and propose cooking classes, pastry classes but also English and French classes. After 40 years of experience in hotel industry and in luxurious restaurants all over Europe I decided to transmit my passion for this fabulous job at all the students and all nationalities wishing to discover what is the French gastronomy.

My philosophy: best products, a great discipline, excellent teachers, family atmosphere and the passion, always the passion …. Martine Lessault, President of Gastronomicom.


We believe that students need good conditions to learn well. Therefore we decided in September 2014 to move in a brand new campus.

Culinary academy Gastronomicom hosts now his students in a campus completely renovated in a building of 800 square meters.

Our two laboratories, fully equipped (110 square meters each) are dedicated to Cooking and Pastry hands-on classes. We have two classrooms reserved for French and English courses. We decided to limit around 16 the number of student per class. That allows a true proximity with the teachers and make the learning easier.

Our campus will give you the opportunity to learn in fantastic conditions the French cooking and pastry gastronomy (1 Michelin star level).

Plated Dessert and Decoration: Citrus and avocado, coconut in 2 textures

Legs and lobster claws with lemon gel into ravioli and into crust

Vegetables shaving red mullet with lime yogourt
Japanese Flavors: Yuzu Dacquoise, chocolate mousse Jivara, yusu creamy, crunchy hazelnut caramel and whipped cream.

Our Team

Culinary institute in France, Gastronomicom, presents the members of our team, teachers with amazing skills and experience who will guide your steps into the great culinary world. From cooking classes to sommelier courses, our teachers will provide you the best information, will share their secrets with everyone who is eager to not only learn but also to build their career.

All our teachers are passionate people with many years of experience at prestigious, high-end Gastronomic Hotels-Restaurants, in cooking or pastry. They'll give you the opportunity to learn the Arts of French cooking and pastry at one Michelin star level (the best reference in the world for high quality Hotels-Restaurants or Restaurants).

Follow a program in our “boutique” school allow you to access to the best Hotels-Restaurants and Restaurants in France and all over the world.

Join our culinary academy in order to discover all the secrets of culinary arts and to become an authentic professional in this field.


French cooking school Gastronomicom in France invites you to discover a diverse range of programs with various lengths, levels and complexity.

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We invite you to enjoy our programs. Choose the class that fits you best: French pastry classes, French cooking classes, French language courses and wine classes… read more

Our programs include combination of Cooking, Pastry and Language courses. You can find special information about the different category of classes here :

All the courses are conducted in English.

Course Pre-requisites:

  • high motivation for gastronomic culinary arts
  • good English comprehension
  • minimum of 18 years of age



Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy

8, rue des Moulins à huile

34300 Agde | France

T : +33 4 67 32 15 07



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