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Kutaisi University Seeking Education Agent Partnerships



Kutaisi University (UNIK) is the oldest private university in whole Georgia, though it's relatively young Higher Education Institution of 29 years with young, professional and motivated academic and administrative staff. Being the first private university, it has become a starting point for private universities establishment throughout the country. UNIK has gained a high reputation for its continuous development, backed up by almost three decades of ongoing authorized and accredited status on national level and now crowned by the international accreditation of the Medical program. We highly value and respect your individualism and help to develop it. What matters to us is who you are. At the same time, we are united by values that help us to understand each other and the surrounding world. Our goal is to create your own unique UNIK experience.


The program is accredited in accordance with the legislation of Georgia; it complies with modern international standards and is based on world federation of medical education (WFME) standards. The program is semi-integrated and is based on the unification of basic subjects according to anatomical systems and aims to bring students closer to the clinical environment from the first year.

The clinical subjects are based on the British model and maximally serve the students to undergo practice with physicians operating in a clinical setting. The aim of the program is to train competent, patient-oriented physicians who will be equipped with modern international standard level theoretical knowledge and clinical/research skills; Doctors who will be actively involved in lifelong learning and teaching process and will contribute to the well-being of the community.

Tuition Fee: 4000$ (Per Year)

Admission Fee: 300$

Duration of Study: 6 Years



The university has a clinical skill enhancing center that allows students through moulages and mannequins learn and put into practice all the manipulations they will need for professional activities. The center is equipped with full body moulages that allow students to learn manage pathologies such as burns, fractures, injuries, as well as small moulages that allow students to study different types of injections, treat wounds and sutures. 

In addition to practicing clinical skills and maneuvers, the Center for Clinical Skills will provide students with the opportunity to work in virtual reality, using ultra-modern equipment to allow them to explore in more detail and see with their own eyes the structure and functions of the human body. The equipment at the center meets international standards and is gradually upgraded.



The university has microscopic and biochemical laboratories. Through the Microscopic Laboratory, which is equipped with modern microscopes and appropriate slides, students will be able to study in detail the structure of tissues, both in terms of normal conditions and under various diseases, thus deepening their clinical knowledge. The Biochemical Laboratory will allow students to carry out their experiments under the supervision of a teacher and see the processes that are most important for the study of subjects such as biochemistry, physiology, microbiology and immunology.


Kutaisi University provides medical faculty students the opportunity to participate in exchange study programs, joint scientific-practical conferences, symposia, seminars and thematic trainings; possibility to conduct joint research, work on joint scientific articles and receive support for their publication. Also, participate in international grant projects at this point we should emphasize that UNIK has been partner and co-coordinator in numerous international projects and has undertaken one of the greatest numbers of Erasmus + projects during decades. On regular basis, with constant ongoing regime we provide information to students about: Erasmus + program related or funded trainings and internships; scientific-practical conferences throughout the world; such scholarship programs as Chevening, Japanese, Swedish, Swiss and other national programs and many more.

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