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Studien Colleg Preparatory College Germany Seeks Education Agents

STUDIENCOLLEG-Bildungsgesellschaft mbH Glauchau was founded in October 1991 as a private company.
It emerged from the former Zwickau Technical University.

Today, our company is based in a modern building at Auestraße 125 in Glauchau.

Our Studienkolleg is state-recognised by the Saxon State Ministry for Science and the Arts for taking the FSP.

At national and international level, we cooperate with state institutions and organisations.

We have been a telc-certified examination centre since December 2018 and offer, among other things, the examination C 1 University with preparation course.


Gebäude Studiencolleg Glauchau Auestraße 125


Studienkolleg Glauchau is active in the field of organisation, coordination and implementation of educational services as well as related services in Germany and abroad.
We want to ensure that every participant receives an education that meets his or her study wishes.

A holistic approach was and is a commitment for all employees.

Overall, we pursue the goal of being among the best in our industry through our work and commitment. This quality policy is the basis for all our activities.

We want to be judged by these criteria.

Study Preparation

Learning German and specialist language skills is a prerequisite for subsequent specialist studies at a university, university of applied sciences or college of higher education in Germany in accordance with
the applicable framework plans.


to prepare for technical, mathematical and scientific study courses

German Courses

Intensive German courses from
Level A1-B2



Information on Language Courses

German Intensive Course

Duration of the training

1 term


Eligibility to attend FSP course

Study fees

Study fees to the amount of 2,180 euros will be charged.


Information on the Assessment Test

This is the examination to determine the eligibility of applicants with foreign educational qualifications to study at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany (FSP).

Duration of the training

2 terms


Nationally recognised certificate of successful completion of the assessment test

Study fees

Study fees to the amount of 2,180 euros will be charged.

Requirements for an Application

Conditional admission (pre-admission) to studies by a Saxon university, college or university of applied sciences
German language skills at level B1 are necessary to pass the admission test
Valid entry visa
for studying
(must be presented at the latest at the admission test)
Timely online application is recommended.

Examples of the Admission Test

The examples for the admission test were created in pdf format and can be downloaded and printed with Acrobat Reader.


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