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Central European University Hungary Seeks Education Agent Partnerships

Central European University is an institution of advanced research and teaching, dedicated to socially and morally responsible intellectual inquiry. Having launched a new undergraduate offer in 2020, CEU's distinctive educational program builds on the research tradition of the great American universities; on the most valuable Central European intellectual traditions; on the international diversity of its faculty and students; on its commitment to social service; and on its own history of academic and policy achievements in transforming the closed communist inheritance.

CEU is committed to promoting the values of open society and self-reflective critical thinking. It aims at excellence in the mastery of established knowledge, courage to pursue the creation of new knowledge in the humanities, the social sciences, law and management, and engagement in promoting applications for each, in particular through their policy implications. CEU is a new model for international education, a center for the study of contemporary economic, social and political challenges, and a source of support for building open and democratic societies that respect human rights and human dignity.

Our Programs

Undergraduate Programs

In 2020, CEU launched its pioneering undergraduate offer with two highly interdisciplinary bachelor's degrees: Culture, Politics and Society (CPS), and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). The Quantitative Social Sciences (QSS) program will launch in September 2021.

 Graduate Programs

CEU delivers a wide range of graduate programs at the Master's and Doctoral levels. In this section, you will find detailed application guidelines and admissions information.

To find out what programs we offer, visit the CEU programs listing page.

 Agents Contact Us

We are keen to hear from Agents interested in forming partnerships to promote our courses:

Akos Kocsany
Program Officer

CEU Executive MBA
The EMBA for the Open World

DIRECT: +43.660.114.9279

Quellenstraße 51 | 1100 Vienna | Austria

General CEU Contacts

Postal Address/Phone/Email

CEU Vienna postal address:

Central European University

Quellenstraße 51 

1100 Wien


Phone to main reception: (+43) 1 25230 7111


CEU Budapest postal address:

Central European University

Nador u. 9

1051 Budapest, Hungary

Phone to main reception: (+36-1) 327 3000


General email inquiry

Specific Unit Contacts

Although the above contact can be utilized for general inquiries, it is typically more effective to directly contact the specific unit you are trying to reach.

  • The list of CEU departments (and contacts) is available here
  • Recruitment contacts are available here
  • Admissions contacts are available here
  • Financial aid contacts are available here
  • Research center homepages can be found here
  • The list of CEU contacts worldwide is here

Social Media

CEU is active on a number of social media websites. For updates on latest happenings, as well as new videos and pictures, be sure to visit us on our:





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