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Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences Seek Agents

Lithuania Business University of applied sciences (LBUAS) is a modern, open to society and independent higher education institution founded in 1994 that prepares professionals in social and physical sciences who are focused on Lithuanian and European labour market. LTVK entails promising career opportunities, international exchange and leisure time typical for students.



Mission. Lithuania Business University is determined to prepare creative, qualified professionals, to establish conditions for a lifelong learning by granting a professional bachelor's degree and to carry out the applied research that is necessary for a regional development.

Vision. Lithuania Business University is an innovative, transparent, socially active and liable higher education institution, internationally recognized, versatile to the developments in the labor market and prepared to meet the needs of society.



Lithuania Business University integrates the latest IT technologies into the study process and due to this, it creates versatile and engaging means of studying. One of the main aims of the university is the improvement of study quality. Interactive lessons and various methods of engaging are being used in the process of the studying. The university has been equipped with: CISCO Laboratory, Construction materials Laboratory, Technology and Innovation Laboratory, Criminology Laboratory, Simulated Courtroom, Leadership Laboratory and Tourism Laboratory.

It is the purpose of Lithuania Business University to ensure that students not only acquire as much work experience as possible, which is required in professional activities, but also the newest theoretical knowledge. The university has established a wide network of cooperation with various businesses and social partners therefore it provides students with internships and future placement opportunities. The university also has a practical training firm “Biurometa”, which simulates the activities of real companies, which trade with one another through “Simulith” center in Lithuania and in the EUROPEN network within the world. In order to prepare students for the labor market, the university has also established a career center which is providing career support for the students and graduates.


In Lithuania Business university lecture teachers who are professionals and practitioners in their own fields. In LTVK lecture lawyers, legal experts, specialists of banks, finance and audit department managers, marketing and sales department managers, programming specialists, web developers, business owners, athletes, event organizers, forwarding agents of logistics etc.

Lithuania Business University maintains close relations with social partners in order to ensure high quality, modern, labor market-oriented studies. Among University social partners there are following organizations: SE Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, Klaipeda County Police Headquarters, UAB/Ltd "Klaipėda" hotel - Amberton, UAB/Ltd "Baltic clouds", PE European Consumer Center, UAB/Ltd Marine staff - General Crewing, Association “Klaipėda region”, UAB/Ltd Idėjų balansas (ideas balance), UAB/Ltd Litlafas, Klaipėda Tourism and Culture Information Center, UAB/Ltd ,,Balco LTD“, UAB/Ltd ,,Vlantana“, UAB/Ltd ,,Nesė Group“, BI Klaipeda City Social Support Centre, Chamber of Notaries, District court of Palanga city, District court of Skuodas region, UAB/Ltd "MK laivyba" and other organizations.

Lithuania Business University actively engages in international study and science programmes, expands the network of international partners, have the lead among Lithuania Universities (non-university higher education institutions) in the participation of  teachers and students in international mobility programs. The University  maintains strong cooperation relations with Estonia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Turkey and higher education institutions of other countries, has its own representative for Asian countries in India, cooperates with other foreign businesses, non-governmental sector, education organizations. Under Erasmus + exchange programme students are given the opportunity to study and practice abroad. Lithuania Business University has partners more than in 50 foreign countries. Students can take an advantage of other European countries experience in their study programme field subjects. Every semester 20 students from Turkey, Spain, Portugal etc. come to study at LTVK.  LTVK students gain new skills and experience in international communication.

In Lithuania Business University students are particularly encouraged to be initiative, active, enterprising and internationally minded. The University has an active students' union, economists and lawyers clubs, legal clinic, students are constantly encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities, students are actively involved in organization and participation of the university internal and external events.

Lithuania Business University carries out applied researches necessary for regional development and scientific development works, regional problems are discussed in the annual international conferences "Regional issues: economy, management, technologies", in which representatives of businesses, associations and higher education institutions participate. Regional problems are discussed also in the systematic scientific-research journal "Management" published twice per year by the University in international databases CEEOL, EBSCO and Index Copernicus.

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences is a socially active and public-spirited higher education institution. The University together with the Order of Malta every year organizes a mass event in Klaipėda city - Gerosios zvaigzdes begimas (The Run of the Good Star). The main goal of the event is to raise money for the single elderly people who cannot take care of themselves. Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences also patronizes the pupils of the children's home "Smiltele". At Christmas time the pupils are visited by the students of the University. The students entertain them with performances and gifts.

There are many study programmes available at LTVK - here you can choose from 10 different study programmes and 27 specializations.

About 1 000 students are currently studying at LTVK, there are open departments and centers in Klaipeda and Vilnius.

The University has a license for its activity issued by The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania. Diplomas issued by the University are recognized not only in Lithuania but also in all EU. The qualification of graduates is indicated by a professional bachelor's degree.

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We are keen to hear from Agents interested in forming partnerships to promote our courses:

Samanta Štraupaitė, Head of International Relations and Projects Department, +370-46-314-320

 Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences 

Address: Turgaus st. 21, Klaipeda

Postal code: LT-91249
Tel: +370-46-314-320





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