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PIC Management Internships Seeks Education Agent Partners

Nowadays, schools and universities increasingly want to propose the opportunity of a stay abroad to their students. Faced with growing requests from students, many companies are unable to answer all requests and are saturated. Our proposition at PIC Management is that we offer students, who are enrolled in a university program or finishing a master's degree, an internship which is relevant for his/ her studies. It is not ‘just' about finding any internship. Our focus is on proposing internships which give our candidates the opportunity to develop their competencies and ease their way into the labour market. PIC Management is offering a personalized advice paying thorough attention to each student. Our idea is to avoid ‘any internship'. The quality of our offers is our priority and our main objective.


What exactly is a Placement Agency ? Being realistic, there are many placement agencies. But what exactly is a Placement Agency and what does it do? And which aspects are we, from PIC Management, different from all the others? Most placement agencies offer numerous services, with the internship always being the focus. At PIC Management we decided to look with favour on the diversity of our internship destinations, always making sure that the position for our candidate has an excellent quality and that the host companies provide benefits to support the intern during the stay abroad. We value a personalized contact between you and one of our advisers, who will guide you through the entire process answer all your questions… as well as those of your University. Our goal is that your internship abroad will be a beneficial experience for all sides, based on detailed information, an accurate selection of practice offers and a transparent process in each stage. For our partner companies, PIC Management is the guarantee of knowledge about educational systems worldwide as well as the promise of a precise selection of the most competent candidate for the proposed internship position. In the same way that we want to satisfy our candidates in their search for an internship, we also want to guarantee that the company receives an adequate candidate to join their team. We realize, that an internship that does not go well is also a difficult experience for the company. Our goal is to accompany each company during a successful internship experience and participate in the development of its activities.

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We are keen to hear from Agents interested in forming partnerships to promote our courses:

Victoria Valero
PIC Management
Parque del Ajusco

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