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Palmerston North Boys' High School New Zealand Seeks Agent Partnerships

Palmerston North Boys' High School

Founded in 1902, Palmerston North Boys' High School is a traditional boys' school whose vision is to Develop Educated Men of Outstanding Character. Since 1902, we have grown to become a multi-cultural school of more than 1,700 young men. Our vision emphasises two key aspects of what we do at PNBHS – an emphasis on academic achievement and on providing character education.


Palmerston North Boys' High School Welcome Video
Click on the video above to view a digital display on a day in the life here at PNBHS.

The young men at PNBHS are encouraged to achieve in the classroom and to combine this with sporting and cultural activities. This balance will enable them to be challenged and extended in a range of areas, helping prepare them for life beyond our gates.

Our school is an environment where our young men are able to grow and learn from their mistakes, where they are held accountable and where they are encouraged to do their best. Young men, by their very nature, are competitive and we seek to encourage that in everything they do. We are very proud of the committed staff here at PNBHS: more than 100 classroom teachers, all of whom are involved in the school's co-curricular programme. The relationships built in cultural and sporting activities translate to positive relationships in the classroom, and we know that young men thrive in an educational setting where relationships are positive.

“Our vision emphasises two key aspects of what we do at PNBHS – an emphasis on academic achievement and on providing character education.”

As a boys' school, we firmly believe in the benefits of a single sex education. A focus on what works for boys, on how boys learn and on the importance of all-round education for boys, is at the heart of what we do. Research has shown that boys achieve significantly better at boys' schools than boys at co-educational schools and this is evident in the school's NCEA and scholarship results.

Our involvement in the Super Eight Schools organisation provides further opportunities to compete at the highest level, both on the sports field and on the stage.

The Old Boys' community is an important part of the school. Our young men build on the success of those who have been through PNBHS. We are proud of the links we have with our Old Boys the world over who enjoy following the achievements of the young men currently at their school.

Today's young men also build on our school's tradition and reputation. Those young men who choose to come to PNBHS and who embrace the ethos, get involved and do their best, will achieve success and will add to the success of the school. And, importantly, they will leave as good men, men of outstanding character.


Palmerston North Boys' High School Grounds
Watch a short video displaying our grounds and facilities here at Palmerston North Boys' High School.



Palmerston North Boys' High School considers the safety and welfare of its students to be of paramount importance.

We offer international students a comprehensive and encompassing education. Our students are consistently top performers, academically, culturally and on the sporting field.

We provide a safe, friendly environment to learn English and other curriculum areas, all delivered by passionate teachers. Our students have clear guidelines in regards to their behaviour, grooming and academic performance which provide structure and discipline, and in turn, will ensure their success at Palmerston North Boys' High School.

We want you to have the best educational experience in New Zealand, which is why Palmerston North Boys' High School is a school of choice.

  • Safe, quiet, inexpensive & friendly city

  • Central location

  • Smaller classes

  • Individualised attention

  • Excellent English Language Tuition (ELT) Programme

  • Education and ‘Knowledge City'

  • Easy, Online Enrolment

  • International Department – dedicated and personalised student support

  • Academic Pathways to Tertiary Education and Vocational areas

  • Comprehensive Academic Extension (Massey University Papers)

  • Above National University Entrance Average

  • Extensive and varied subject options

  • 57 Co-curricular Activities on offer

  • Literacy and Numeracy Programme

  • Well connected to tertiary institutions and research centres

  • Outdoor Education

  • Sports Development Programme

  • Leadership Programme

  • High speed internet connection on-site

  • An impressive array of facilities

  • Frequent trips and activities

  • Welcoming and devoted homestay families

  • Parent Portal for Parent/Agent Monitoring

  • Short-term programmes available

If you would like to learn more about partnerships with Palmerston North Boys' High School we would be delighted to discuss opportunities for us to work together.


Lance Retemeyer
263 Featherston Street
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand

Christine Prasitdamrong

Palmerston North Boys' High School
263 Featherston St
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand

P O Box 4049
Palmerston North 4442

Phone: +64 (0)6 354 5176
Fax: +64 (0)6 354 5175






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