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Edugain Overseas Poland Seeks Education Partnerships


Edugain Overseas provides services to foreign students and makes education abroad accessible and easy for them.

Edugain Overseas specializes in full assistance to ambitious foreign students who want to study in Europe and Asia.

Edugain Overseas makes overseas education affordable and clear for every student. We have long experience and give the right consulting to every student who contacts us. Our managers take care of all application formalities and are ready to answer all questions you may have. We ensure that you are applying to the educational institution that best suits your needs.

We understand the basic requirements of the students and help them choose the right course and the university either in Europe or Asia. Our professional attitude, commitment, and highly experienced team are doing our best so all your needs are satisfied.

Studying in Europe and Asia is an exciting opportunity for every foreign student!

Europe and Asia are the best platforms for higher education in the whole world. Asian and European countries are among the top five countries of the world with the highest number of foreign students. Higher education is considered to be one of the main human values there.

We are representatives of many Europe and Asia State Universities. All universities of Europe and Asia are recognized by international bodies and organizations such as WHO (also known as the AVICENNA Directory, IMED (International Medical Education Directory) of FAIMER, UNESCO, and AMEE.

Students who have completed their medical degrees in Europe and Asia are permitted to apply for International Licensing exams like MCI Screening Test, USMLE (the USA), PLAB (the UK), as well as other licensing exams taking place throughout the world.

Edugain Overseas is your first step to great career opportunities. Contact us for a free consultation, and we will do our best to help you!

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Edugain Overseas has the vision of turning your dreams into reality. For this very reason, we are willing to reach out to aspiring students and provide them with the necessary guidance and support to fulfill their dream of becoming a professional. There are many educational opportunities available, and it is our goal to make the students aware of them.

Edugain Overseas completely assist our students at each stage, including the admission process, visa assistance, meeting upon arrival, documentation process, and personal guidance to each student for the whole duration of the study.

Edugain Overseas education consultants guide you through the path of shortlisting the countries and universities best suit your career goals, as well as budget preferences.

Edugain Overseas have representatives in each city where our partner universities are situated, all in order to offer better assistance to our students until your graduation!


  • Instant replies to our students through email or phone;
  • Helping students choose the right course and university;
  • Assistance in choosing appropriate Bachelorís / Masterís program;
  • Invitation letter from a specific / suggested University;
  • Granting the Admission letter to students;
  • Visa support letter from the Department of Higher Education (through the Ministry of Education and ministry of Foreign Affairs);
  • Pre-departure guidance;
  • Meeting at the airport by an Edugain Overseas representative Ė Official permission and Identity documents are given to the student to avoid any unpleasant circumstances;
  • Provision of a complimentary call from the university to parents;
  • Escorting students to the university;
  • Assistance in immigration clearance on arrival;
  • Assistance in hostel check-in;
  • Assistance in obtaining health insurance;
  • Assistance in medical check-ups on arrival;
  • Assistance with paperwork at the final stages of enrolment;
  • Assistance in registration with the Department of Visa and Registration;
  • Visa Support throughout the study period;
  • Provision of the student ID card, hostel card, and International student card (free of charge);
  • An option of opening a bank account ;
  • Assisting you in getting a local SIM card;
  • Online and phone support to the students;
  • Arrangement of separate rooms for female students;
  • Visa support during the entire period of study;
  • Providing assistance in obtaining the Certificate of Equivalence from the Ministry of Education of the Destination Country;
  • Arranging MCI screening test coaching classes at universities;
  • Acquaintance with the city program;
  • Any other assistance that may be required by students.


  • Reservation of hostel and other places of residence;
  • Escorting our clients from the airport to the hostel;
  • Providing services for daily excursions;
  • Providing interpreter services.

EdugainOverseas would like to encourage international students to fulfill their dreams and become professionals in their chosen profession!

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