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BLAU Spanish Language Academy and Student Housing Spain Seeks Partnerships With Education Agents


We are delighted to offer an in-house Spanish school to all our residents. BLAU Student Housing is the only university student residence in Barcelona that offers a language school within the same building. We are pleased to announce that BLAU Student Housing Language Academy specialized in Spanish language teaching, will begin hosting students in the summer of 2024. Get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting journey of linguistic and cultural exploration in the most convenient location in Barcelona: In the same building as your residence!

Exclusive discounts for residents

BLAU Student Housing Language Academy is proud to offer its residents exclusive discounts on our language programs. Whether you are a beginner or looking to perfect your Spanish language skills, or an advanced speaker looking to pass the DELE or SIELE exam, our language courses are designed to cater for all ages and proficiency levels. We are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that will transform the way you learn while creating lasting memories and friendships with other resident students.



Discover our programs

BLAU Student Housing Language Academy offers several types of courses that adapt to the availability of each student. All classes are held in our comfortable new classrooms located in the same building as the rest of your residence services. Here are details about our course offerings:

  • Super intensive (30 hours per week)
  • Intensive (20 hours per week)
  • Semi-intensive (10 hours per week)
  • Casual (5 hours per week)
  • Individual 1:1 (customizable hours)

BLAU Student Housing

We are a premium accommodation, with exclusive services and high quality facilities. We have a 10,000m2 building, with capacity for 265 students, and we are the university residence in Barcelona with the most common areas per person: more than 1,800m2. Our common areas provide an unparalleled amount of high-quality spaces for our residents, enhancing their potential for their future professional careers. At BLAU STUDENT HOUSING, we have taken care of every detail so that our students can have a unique and unforgettable experience.

If you have chosen Barcelona to study your university degree, do your internship in the city, or to study the Spanish or Catalan language, now it’s time to decide where you are going to live. BLAU STUDENT HOUSING is a student residence in Barcelona designed so that you have covered, on the one hand, all the comforts to study and, on the other, to enjoy your student life. We are a partner for parents who have their sons and daughters studying in Barcelona. ​​We take care of their sons and daughters as if they were at home. The kids won’t have to worry about anything.

Short Summer Stays:

During the summer months, BLAU Student Housing & Language Academy offers short stays with included Spanish courses! Choose any class length ranging from 3 – 75 days that adapts to your schedule. Classes are held daily in our comfortable classrooms and are available for all levels! Sometimes, you may even practice Spanish in our cinema room or while ordering meals at our restaurant!

We are dedicated to offering an exceptional educational experience that will transform the way you discover the Spanish language and culture. Prepare to embark on a journey of learning and discovery that will improve your language skills while making new friends and connections within your residence.
We are excited to share this experience with you at BLAU Student Housing! Reserve today.

Agents Contact Us

We are keen to hear from Agents interested in forming partnerships to promote our Language courses and Accommodation:

Brian Starr

BLAU Student Housing Language Academy
C/ del Perú, 110
08018 Barcelona

Telephone: +34 664 098 216






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