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Schellhammer Business School

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Schellhammer Business School, the first and only British accredited business school in southern Spain that teaches in English. “With students from over 57 nationalities, we opted for ASIC due to the international nature of this state-approved British accreditation, and its widespread global recognition in the United Kingdom, the United States, and part of Asia,” says SBS President and Founder, Dr. Eduard Schellhammer, who heads Schellhammer Business School founded in 2009



Schellhammer Business School is a Private Educational Institution: Independent and free from standardized programs, third-party investors or outdated educational attitudes. SBS offers both non-academic (Diploma / Executive / Certificates) and academic (BBA / BA / BA / MBA) English-taught educational programs founded on Swiss quality education (didactics, methods) and aligned to the Bologna Treaty Rules (Norms), especially its credit transfer system (ECTS). All our graduates to date have found jobs, pursued their own professional paths or continued their education by enrolling in European (London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Sweden to date) or USA (New York and California to date) based institutions. With a strong focus on entrepreneurship and family business, many SBS graduates have also founded their own businesses (in publishing, IT services, fashion, hospitality and even recycling, to date) while others have gone on to join the legacy of businesses started by their parents or even grandparents.


All classes are taught entirely in English with highest importance given to sustainability, integrity, ethics, and responsible behavior. The faculty at SBS is made up of teachers and professors that are either native English-speakers, have pursued education (including Masters, MBAs and PhDs) at English-speaking institutions. All have global experiences in a variety of business and professional fields and have been or are still engaged in teaching at Universities, Business Schools and other educational institutions in different fields and countries. We place highest values in our faculty to be appropriately trained in teaching didactics and as such know how to communicate in an educational and supportive manner to promote students in their learning.


Schellhammer Business School Courses

Foundation Program Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor Programs Bachelor of Arts in Psychology MBA
Master of Business Administration Master of Arts in Psychology Location
Master of Arts in Psychology Schellhammer Business School Campus Valle Romano Estepona Finishing School
Facts & Figures Accommodation History & Mission
History & Mission SBS Campus Accommodation Dr Eduard Schellhammer

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Schellhammer Business School
Calle Flaminio 2
Urbanizacion Valle Romano
29680 Estepona, Málaga, Spain

Contact us via Telephone: 952.907.892

Contact us via WhatsApp: 659.314.958





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