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Atlas International Education Consultancy


The Atlas International Education Consultancy was established in January 1990 to provide Turkish students with reliable information about study opportunities abroad. Our Istanbul head office is based in the Gümüşsuyu district which is close to Taksim Square. We have three other offices in Istanbul (Beşiktas, Kadıkoy, and Saşkınbakkal) and seven others across Turkey (in İzmir, Antalya, Ankara, Konya, Kayseri, Bursa, and Samsun). We have five branches and representatives abroad (in Cyprus, Minsk, Kharkov, London and Baku).

Atlas is the first agency to fulfil the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System requirements in Turkey and has received the STM Star Agency Award in the Eastern Europe Category on its 25th anniversary. Atlas is a member of The Association of International Educational Counsellors (UED) and The Turkish Travel Agents Association Group (TURSAB). We are partners with institutions in countries of the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Malta.

The Atlas Student Services

Atlas provides educational services for Turkish students, giving them the opportunity to be involved in academic courses in a number of English speaking countries and throughout the world. We give academic counselling and placement service for Language Programs, Degree Programs (Foundation, Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees), Vocational and Professional Programs. We also assist our students with their visa application and travel arrangements. We commit ourselves to following our students’ progress during their studies abroad giving them any additional assistance throughout this period.

Counselling Services

All Atlas counsellors have degree qualifications and have studied in different countries around the world. They visit our partner schools on a regular basis forming a strong working relationship and learn more about what is on offer for students. Each counsellor works individually with the student ensuring they take the qualifications that perfectly match their personal and academic needs with the best course and institution available. To ensure this, the student co-ordinates with the counsellor until the student is satisfied with what they wish to achieve.

We provide the student with information about study abroad opportunities, the institutions available for their specific needs, the entry requirements, any future career prospects and finally the fees and funding sources. We supply the student with all the paper work and brochures to allow them to consider the right choice for them and also enabling them to discuss their options aside from their counsellor meetings.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission: Create high quality service and platform for our students, partners, and employees by maintaining our leadership in the international education councelling service industry in Turkey, UK, Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, TRNC, USA, Australia, Canada.

Our Vision: Providing comprehensive student mobility service all over the world for the avaible destinations and meet all the demands of the students while studying abroad to help them get maximum benefit from their international education experience.

Our Values: A student focused approach, team spirit, a positive working environment, trustworthiness together with the accent on innovation.

We are keen to hear from education institutions around the world who are interested in forming partnerships with ATLAS.


Lara Salayi

Atlas International Education Consultancy


Linen Hall, Regent St.,

London W1B 5TE

United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7734 6467






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