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There are many schools teaching English to lawyers. There is only one Cambridge Law Studio.

In Cambridge since 1999

We were established in 1999 and are the UK’s leading legal English training provider. We were proud to be the hosts of the innovative Legal English Event at the Law Society of England and Wales in London, which brought together contract drafting experts, AI in law experts and teachers of English for law for the very first time. We are accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges.


Our teachers have provided English language support courses for international lawyers from many leading commercial law firms and we have also worked with lawyers from corporations such as Sony Ericsson and Daimler Chrysler.

We are pleased to offer courses to working lawyers and to law students who are still at university in their own country and already have the ambition to find employment with an international law firm.

The director of Cambridge Law Studio has been teaching legal English for many years and has written many successful publications on the subject including ‘The Lawyer’s English Language Coursebook’ and ‘Advanced Legal English’. She is also the author of the Illuminate Programme, an exciting and practical course in online commercial legal English.

Legal English Plus is a legal English course for law students and newly-graduated lawyers who need specialist English language and legal knowledge to work successfully in law.

The course is a super-intensive two weeks at Girton College, Cambridge. The main focus is on specialist legal vocabulary, especially the vocabulary of contracts, companies, and negotiation, all based on real documents and real cases.

Your course also includes a trip to the London law courts to see part of a trial, allowing you to compare the common law system with your own.

After your two weeks in Cambridge, we give you access to our online platform for a year, as well as three of our own best-selling textbooks to allow you to continue to study legal English at the highest level.

The 2-week course costs £1250.

  • Join us, and take your English for law to the next level.


    For law students and new law graduates worldwide

  • English level required: intermediate, IELTS 5 or above, B1 on the CEF

  • Students attend this course from all over the world

  • We are accredited in the UK to help you get a study visa

  • Based at Girton College, Cambridge

  • Course price: £1,250

  • Strong focus on learning legal vocabulary in English and studying real cases

  • Includes a visit to observe the barristers in the London courts

  • Includes a TOLES exam and certificate if you would like to do it


Classes start at 9am. Our group size is a maximum of 12, so classes are small, and very focused on supporting everyone in the class.

This is a friendly but serious course. Your teacher will explain a lot of new legal vocabulary.

What will you study? We use real contracts, real legal documents and real cases so that you only learn practical and useful content. This course is to prepare lawyers for work.

A typical day may include looking at a contract clause and making sure that you understand every word, as well as correcting any mistakes you make with your grammar or pronunciation. You will also compare your own civil code with the common law.

We will also introduce you to the vocabulary found in areas of UK and USA law such as nuisance and negligence, which are extremely important when a cross-border contract between parties in your own country and another country agree on a common law jurisdiction.

Meet legal colleagues and make friends from around the world on this practical and progressive Cambridge course. Every day in Cambridge adds knowledge and prestige to your law CV. See an Example Timetable

Legal English Plus costs £1250, including all classes in Cambridge, several textbooks, online access to ‘Contracts, Cases and the Common Law’ for a year, three certificates for your CV, your choice of TOLES exam and a visit to legal London. Additional accommodation costs may apply.

After your course you will:

  • Know hundreds of new legal words

  • Know the most important common law cases and how lawyers use them

  • Know more about the legal systems of the UK and the USA

  • Know how to understand a contract drafted in English

  • Know about how businesses and companies function in the UK

  • Know more about negligence and nuisance and how they may affect your clients

  • Speak and write in English much more accurately

  • Feel much more confident about working in English

This course grew from the questions of successful lawyers about both language and law, and every part of it is practical and based on developing your commercial awareness. This is not an academic legal English course. This is a course for lawyers who really mean business.


All Cambridge Law Studio courses give you a certificate without an exam.

However, we offer all students the opportunity to take a well-respected legal English exam online in the 12 months after their course with us.

The Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) exams were established in 2000 and are intended to prepare lawyers for working in law.

The exams are available to you at three levels:

TOLES Foundation
TOLES Higher
TOLES Advanced

If you decide to do an exam after your course, you can choose your own level.
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