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ETCi Internship Programs and Work Placements Looking for Agent Partnerships

We are a leading provider of internship programs and work placements

ETCi collaborates with agencies across Europe to promote our Professional Internship and Hospitality programmes in the UK.

​ETCi has an excellent reputation for providing quality internships for international students across Greater London. Our Hospitality program offers the opportunity to take on a salaried placement with prestigious employers and brand names across the UK.

An internship abroad can provide an opportunity to:

  • ​Improve English skills

  • Gain work experience

  • Learn about British culture

  • Enhance CV and future job prospects

  • Build network and contacts for the future

  • Travel in the UK

Our Services

School Group Travel

We receive school groups who travel to London with their teachers for a short stay of cultural exchange. As part of our core offering, we work with our network of host families to provide our groups with the warmest welcome and accommodation during their stay.

We provide high-quality host family accommodation in several areas of South East London. All our host families are quality assured, referenced and visited to ensure our high standards are adhered to at all times.

​ETCi is able to tailor make a short stay itinerary and arrange cultural visits & English Language course for the group, according to needs.



We offer "voluntary, nonsalaried" professional placements, assisting international students to secure their dream internship where they will be improving their English skills and gaining work experience in their chosen field.

We are also very experienced in receiving a group of interns for a Group Internship program. For example, each year we welcome our German students who travel with their fellow classmates to participate in a month-long General Business Administration internship placement.

We are able to tailor make a program suitable for your needs, whether that be your wish to attend English classes prior to the internship in order to strengthen your English capability, or to sight-see and join in various cultural activities for some British experience. Contact us for more information or to apply.

ETCi place candidates in many sectors, including:

• Accounting/Finance

• Advertising

• Architecture

• Computing and IT

• Engineering

• Event Management

• Graphic Design

• Human Resources

• Law

• Marketing

• Media (Journalism, TV & Music)

• Nursery

• Public Relations

• Travel & Tourism

• Web Design



This was designed to allow international students to gain experience in the UK hospitality industry. Positions we are able to provide include Wait-staff, Bartender, Chef, Housekeeping, Reception, On-board Stewards, Customer Service and many others.

​We help the candidates secure a work placement before they arrive in the UK, allowing them to fully enjoy their time and experience in the UK.

Placements are available at most times of the year, we also offer Summer Programs which are a fantastic opportunity to gain experience while students are on summer break.

Salaried Work Placements are available in the following sectors at most times of the year.

Hotel placements:

Food and Beverage Assistant, Housekeeping.

Customer Service Assistant at airport locations

Customer service and catering to travel passengers

Customer service assistant on board trains

Customer service and catering to travel passengers

Warehouse assistant at train station locations

Warehousing and packing duties.

Holiday park and holiday village assistants

Catering and housekeeping.


Agents Contact Us

We are keen to hear from Agents interested in forming partnerships to promote our internship programs and work placements:

Janet Chen
Managing Director


85 Great Portland Street London W1W 7LT

Tel: +44 (0) 208 1238896







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