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Antioch University Seeking Education Agent Partnerships


Experiential Learning

Our approach to experiential learning extends beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Many students come equipped with previous accomplishments and life experience that we consider when evaluating how best to serve them and you. At Antioch, you'll learn skills, knowledge, and techniques that are directly translatable to your field. We believe hands-on learning, internships, and other experiences outside of the classroom, are vital to personal and professional growth.

Admissions Process

Our admissions process focuses holistically on your life experience, taking into consideration the possibility you may be returning to formal education after many years. Using a system of Prior Learning Credits, interviews, references, and essays, we take into account all of your applied knowledge and experiences. At Antioch University's admissions department your lived and earned knowledge is a valuable asset.

Collaborative Environments

You don't work in a silo, so you shouldn't learn in one either. Our collaborative environments place an emphasis on learning through meaningful interactions with other adult learners. This stimulating environment further encourages challenging of the status quo through group discussion and analysis. It also introduces and enhances invaluable leadership and management skills that are applicable in any workplace.

Adult Classrooms

Some of our students are returning, adult learners, and some of our students are in the process of finishing their education. Everyone around you at Antioch is here with one common goal: to better themselves through the pursuit of higher education. By working with, and alongside, peers on a similar life path, you have the added benefit of collaborating with other students who take learning seriously. This creates a supportive and engaging environment, with the added benefit of networking with like-minded individuals in your field.

Individual Attention

Intimate classes and professors who care about their students are part of the DNA at Antioch University. Our faculty are responsive, knowledgeable, and ready to help you throughout your studies. Individualized attention allows you to build outstanding rapports with professors who are trained to adapt to each individual's learning style. This close relationship is often beneficial beyond graduation as you continue down your career path with the support of a lifelong mentor.


We recognize that it's not possible to put life on hold while you go back to school. By offering personalized course structure and a robust selection of online and low residency programs, you'll be able to find a degree that fits your busy schedule and gives you the learning outcomes you need to succeed.

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