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English Class Online

English Class Online

English Class Online: Why Study With Us

When you hear about learning English online, you wonder how it works and how you could go about it.  Questions like ‘Will I learn the right way online?  Isn't it better to have a tutor at home?  Is it more beneficial at a language school?' might cross your mind, but you will find out  how learning English online has as many benefits as learning it face to face with a tutor but with more convenience.

If you are a busy businessman:

Being busy and working crazy hours when needing English at work and not having any time for it can be tough and this is when English Online comes in.  An example would be ‘You are in desperate need of knowing and using business English with your new boss, a new client or at a conference where you need to give a presentation or a speech', well many things are needed here; Business English terminology, English pronunciation, socializing and networking in English and perhaps even some general English for more fluidity when meeting new people during business events.  The solution in fitting in some classes would be to purchase some lessons online for 30 minutes daily while in your office and making it as part of your routine.  You will see a huge improvement in no time and English-Classonline provides that flexibility.

If you are a teenager and an English music lover:

Being young and listening to the new American songs without understanding them and singing them the wrong way could be frustrating so why not take some Conversational or General English classes online since most teenagers are on the internet most of the time anyway, might as well add some English learning using song lyrics to learn English while having your instructor on the screen, live, guiding you and teaching you some vocabulary words, American and English expressions while using the songs of your choice.  Have fun learning English this way at and your music will have a new meaning.  This will allow you to have a much better singing experience where you can actually know what the songs are about and live them on another level.

If you are a globe-trotter and must communicate in the world:

Well if you are a globe-trotter then English is definitely what you need and of course you are never stable enough to have regular classes, therefore practicing your English online is what you need to communicate all over the world.  You could purchase a package and learn from a cyber café, a guesthouse lobby or a hotel room as you go.  Having a 20-minute talk class online offered at would be your best bet as it does not require any preparation, eBooks or homework.  This option is about you picking your topic depending on what you need at that moment and discuss it online with your teacher.  It would allow you to learn about your theme on-the-go and use it right away as it would be fresh in your mind and that's the best way to learn and not forget, it's called practice.


English-Classonline is proud to dedicate itself to serving all learners' needs from basic to upper advanced levels.

It's not complicated, thanks to the evolution of online teaching software, we have been able to specialize in online English training and do it very well.

Therefore, we have a very efficient and specific approach to teaching English. This involves a new and creative way of learning through Virtual Classroom with Real Live classes from a qualified English teacher.


At English-Classonline, your training is always geared to achieving the results that you desire. We constantly optimize our teaching quality to meet the needs of our English learners. Therefore, programs and lessons are tailored to your specific needs, with a strong focus on learning through:

-Role playing    –  Fluency practice   – Skill building   -Ongoing support   – Debates


Experience English training with a professional teacher without the travel expenses and time away from home or office.
English-Classonline offers a range of multiple course choices and schedule flexibility to meet the specific needs and goals of individuals and corporate clients.
You will also have the possibility to choose from a variety of package deals from 1 hour to 40 hours.

Conversational/ General Classes:

They include 5 levels from Basic to Upper Advanced, following this order:
– Basic
– Beginner
– Intermediate
– Advanced
– Upper Advanced

At English-Classonline, a free level test is delivered to you at the end of each program.

Exam preparation Classes:

You will be able to prepare for your TOEFL, IELTS or or other General and Business exams with our tailored private classes or with our fully intensive 6 week preparation classes.
Get all the benefits of face-to-face classes with our interactive and professional comprehensive online program, designed to help you cover all sections of the exam including practice tasks and questions, revision, study skills, tips and strategies.

Business Classes: 

Give us your requirements, objectives and training goals and we, at English-Class Online, will take care of the rest.
You will be able to choose to enroll your Business courses within 3 ways: with a group of trainers, on a private mode or through the expertise of an intensive 6 week schedule.
Our lessons include daily basis issues of your professional life, a list of non exhaustive examples are below:

– Speaking: Discuss current and different topics related to your profession/industry. Develop your vocabulary and learn to speak fluidly
– Correspondence: Learn the difference between writing a formal letter and an e mail to a business partner. Understand the difference between formal vocabulary and informal vocabulary.
– General Business: Focus on topics, vocabulary, grammar, phrasal verbs and current events all related to business.

Teens tutoring Classes:

Do you struggle with your English lessons? Online tutoring at English-Class Online can help you understand the subject matter, with concrete tutoring lessons on English pronunciation, grammar, listening comprehension exercises and writing tasks.
With an ongoing and extensive communication support, you will obtain a higher grade!

Kids recreation classes:

The half an hour English lessons are for primary level school kids. Most of the lessons are videos or available as PowerPoint download with embedded sounds. All the work has been done. Just let them see it, hear it and say it. These lessons will easily teach kids new words (vocabulary), spelling, reading, listening, pronunciation and speaking.

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