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Think Global Seeks Partnerships With Education Agents For Secondary School Recruitment

THINK Global School

Where your classroom has no borders and learning knows no bounds

School Overview

Founded in 2010, THINK Global School (TGS) is the world’s first and only international traveling high school. TGS provides attendees an opportunity to live and learn in four different countries each year, making unforgettable connections between their education and the world around them.

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Conferences, THINK Global School features an academically rigorous curriculum that is student-centered and project- based, meaning students have a large say in how their academic experiences take shape.

This is an education unlike any other for students whose curiosity knows no bounds. TGS students spend as much time on classwork and homework as their counterparts at other top international high schools, but no other school offers such a wealth of cultural and academic experiences to coincide with its challenging curriculum.

Mission Statement

THINK Global School challenges learners, through firsthand experiences of global travel, to become compassionate individuals who are curious and knowledgeable about the world and motivated to effect meaningful change.

Today, it’s an adventure come to life for 60 exceptional teens, a small army of teachers, and our support staff. The ideals behind THINK Global School are as unique as the experience it offers, and our staff and founders are as driven by a thirst for knowledge and desire to improve the world as the students who attend our school. Get to know our vision, our story, and (most importantly) our people. They may help you decide if THINK Global School is right for you.

Each term at THINK Global School is a chance to work on projects that prepare students for the future


Experience a world-class education in the far-flung corners of the globe

At THINK Global School, you don’t just learn about the world – you learn in it. By studying in four countries a year you’re immersed in more history, geography, and culture in high school than most people experience in a lifetime. Your travels and education blend seamlessly, creating an active and engaged learning experience unprecedented in any other school.

A THINK Global School education combines an academically rigorous project-based learning curriculum, a competitive 4:1 student/faculty ratio, student-driven and technology-forward teaching philosophies, and integrated service learning to create a 360º educational experience that’s never limited to the classroom. Here, you’ll not only become an exceptional college candidate but also a true game-changer: someone who understands how the world works and has the courage and compassion to make it a better place.

Students at THINK Global School gain an education through firsthand experiences

At THINK Global School, we’ve based our curriculum on the most effective educational models from around the world. We’re inspired by great pedagogical thinkers including Kurt Hahn, John Dewey, Sir Ken Robinson, Paulo Friere, Sugata Mitra, Reggio Emilia, John Holt, John Taylor Gotto, and Daniel Pink. Although they each bring different viewpoints to the table, their philosophies all boil down to the same idea: teach to individual students, giving them the tools and environments they need to succeed.

We believe in hiring the best teachers, giving them the freedom to design the most effective learning modules, and trusting students to guide their own education. The result? Students who don’t just excel academically, but enter the world with passion, curiosity, and a genuine love of learning.

Learning is an Adventure

We set aside time to explore remote yet rewarding destinations in each country we visit. In the past, our students have heard an oral history of China’s Great Wall while hiking atop it, recreated the journey from Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey” by island-hopping around Greece, and ascended over 18,000 feet to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

University Matriculation
94% of students have gone on to university following their THINK Global School education:

Agents Contact Us

We are keen to form partnerships with agents who specialize in recruiting for secondary schools:


Lee Carlton
1460 Broadway #4027
New York, TX 10036
United States (US)

THINK Global School

1460 Broadway, #4027
New York, NY 10036
+1 646 808 0675 (Office)
+1 646-504-6924 (Admissions)




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