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Australian Vocational Skills & Education Vietnam Seeks Agent Partnerships


We train and certify people for ESL jobs in Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere

AVSE-TESOL has been providing quality, ‘in-class’ TESOL training programmes in Vietnam for more than a decade and in Cambodia for the past 3 years. We also offer a brilliant online TESOL programme. While our core business functions are training and certifying people for ESL jobs in Vietnam and Cambodia, TESOL Certification from AVSE-TESOL can equally be used in other countries.

Government accredited teaching qualification

All TESOL courses at AVSE-TESOL – in-class and online – are accredited by the Australian Government. This dictates that our TESOL programmes carry legitimate academic status and international recognition. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that TESOL trainees possess the skills, knowledge and internationally recognised certification they need to become brilliant English language educators. As an English teacher who has invested in quality training, you’ll be in the hunt for the best ESL jobs in Vietnam and Cambodia. You won’t just be passing through as a tourist, you’ll be making a positive difference in the lives of local people and earning a decent salary.

‘Hands-on’ practical experience

The practical dimension of AVSE’s ‘Signature’, 4-week in-class TESOL programme in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh starts on day one. It’s a distinguishing factor in a competitive market and ideal preparation for ESL jobs in Vietnam, Cambodia or in another exotic location. The online TESOL programme at AVSE-TESOL also includes a hefty practical component in recognition that direct experience and constructive feedback are central to the development of teaching skills. Our TESOL trainees complete a minimum of 14 hours ‘hands-on’ teaching work in a real school environment with lots of support and guidance. We make a concerted effort to ensure our TESOL trainees have ‘teaching practice exposure’ to a mix of ESL learners, from kindergarten kids through to adults.

esl jobs in vietnam and cambodia

It’s about quality

There is a direct connection between quality training and quality teaching. Moreover, there is a direct connection between quality teaching and achieving desired learning outcomes. The important job that teachers have in society and their revered status in Vietnam and Cambodia dictates that acquiring the skills, knowledge and certification you need to do the job is not an area where you can scrimp. At AVSE-TESOL, we firmly believe that English language students of all ages are entitled to think the person who is taking their class – their teacher – knows about teaching and learning and holds a legitimate teaching qualification. Equally, our own TESOL trainees are entitled to believe that their TESOL trainer holds the necessary qualifications, skills and knowledge to preside over a TESOL course. All TESOL Trainers at AVSE-TESOL hold specialist Vocational Training Qualifications and Industry experience, mandated by the Australian Government. Additionally, all TESOL Trainers at AVSE-TESOL, at one time or another, have held ESL jobs in Vietnam, Cambodia or both.

To be eligible for ESL jobs in Vietnam and Cambodia your TESOL certification must carry international recognition. Your certificate will only carry international recognition if it’s a product of ‘nationally recognised training’ in the country of origin. It follows that a TESOL certificate that’s not recognised where it comes from, won’t – or least shouldn’t – be recognised in other countries. This is one of those industries where age-old expressions like ‘Buyer Beware’ and ‘You Get What You Pay For’ are absolutely true. Any ‘TESOL course’ that is ‘accredited’ by a Limited Liability Company, which can be set up by anybody with loose change, carries zero academic weight.

Unmatached benefits

Regardless of your study mode at AVSE-TESOL, we offer an array of benefits, unmatched by others in our Industry: complimentary accommodation with the in-class course, ‘hands-on’ job help with all courses, visa guidance, insurance advice and a range of optional extras including: airport collection, accommodation for extra nights, motorbike, bicycle and laptop hire, travel & tours and the list goes on. At AVSE-TESOL, you can have all of your TESOL and travel-related needs met under the one roof, a one-stop-shop. If being eligible for ESL jobs in Vietnam or Cambodia and the opportunity to live and work abroad is on your radar, starting your journey with AVSE-TESOL is a great choice.

You will see in the table below precisely how the TESOL training programmes – in-class and online – at AVSE-TESOL stack up to key international recognition standards. Again, the critical standard is – nationally recognised training in the country of origin.